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NEXT EVENT: Sunday September 9th @ Camp Gruber
- Group Ride 10 am riders meeting 

- Event Fees: Members $20 : Non-Members $25 : First Trials Free

- Spectators are always free, however please sign the waiver at the sign-in table.


Think you need a new fancy trials bike to ride but maybe $7000-$10000 is too much dinero? 

==> Check out this video of a 1986 Yamaha TY250 - trials is 95% rider 5% bike.

Trials Des Nations

2018 Trial Des Nations T-Shirts are here! All proceeds go to sending the Men's and Women's team over to the Czech Republic this year where we'll compete for gold.

T-Shirts, v-necks, and women's tank tops are $20, while sweatshirts are $35;

Pick up is free, shipping is $5 to the contiguous United States.
- Message Daniel Blanc-Gonnet to order yours and support the team!
- Or you can call him at (503) 929-3475
- Or make checks payable to Daniel Blanc-Gonnet and mail your order to 16602 N 23rd Ave #109, Phoenix, AZ 85023

This year, the men's team includes @pat_smage @odsb_fastle and Daniel.  @kylee_sweeten @maddie_hoover1217 and Laura Peter's for the Women!

Thanks to Dynamic Designs llc for the design! @ Phoenix, Arizona
NEOTT 2018 Schedule - Must attend 7 out of 11 for year-end awards
Round#, Date, Location, TM
#7. Sep 9, Gruber ORV, Malone

#8 & #9. Oct 13 & 14 SoonerCup @ Gruber ORV, Kight\Phillips

#10. Nov 18, Wildcat Ranch, AR, Taylor

#11. Dec 16, Grand Lake, Shellenberger

UTE Cup is in:

Other Events of Interest in the Area:

->Aug 18 & 19 : UTE Cup, Rainbow Trail near Salida, CO

->Sep 15 & 16 : CRTC\MATT - Trenton, MO

->Sep 29 & 30 : CRTC\AVTA - Sedan, KS

->Nov 3 & 4 :  CRTC\NTTA - Muenster, TX

->Nov 10 & 11 : HPTA - Buffalo Dream Ranch, OK (Chris Johnson)

NEOTTNews - Special SSDT Edition

Be absolutely sure to check out this Special Edition of NEOTTNews where Mike McCabe, the founder of NEOTT and the first American to ride the Scottish Six Day Trial (SSDT), shares his story as first American in the SSDT in 1972.

Click here for the story.

- Also printed in On-The-Pegs (page 78) here (Thanks Shan!)

- And printed Internationally on TrialsGuru website here (Thanks John!)

NEOTT - Info about the trials riding experience

Here Heather N Wilson, an AMA staff member, has a great write up of her experience trying trials.

Check out some training tutorials from the Trials Training Center here.  Also consider taking a class at the Trials Training Center (TTC) or go to Trials Training Days.

Here is a nice 5 minute intro to Trials Video done by Alan Shirley during his visit to Australia.

Here  are some fun trials training videos from the guys down under to help you.   A good place to start is how to balance on a trials bike.   Humor: The Evolution of Trials Riders

Think you need a new fancy trials bike to ride but maybe $7000-$10000 is too much dinero - check out this video of a 1986 Yamaha TY250 - trials is 95% rider 5% bike.

Or go retro and learn old school with Mick Andrews

Maybe you are a dirt bike guy or gal thinking about trials ... check this DirtRider article out.

Youtube video - Guy "Airtime" Cooper on trials.

Cody Webb on how riding trials helped him for Enduro-Cross.

Also here is a Dirt Rider video of some Moto-X guys learning to ride trials bikes from 10-time National Champ and GasGas rep Geoff Aaron.

Seven good reasons you should own a trials bike.