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NEXT EVENT: May 20, 2018 @ Camp Gruber
- Group Ride 10 am riders meeting 
- Turn your 2018 membership form into Mike Cramsey, $40\year
- Event Fees: Members $20 : Non-Members $25 : First Trials Free
- Spectators are always free, however please sign the waiver at the sign-in table.
- Classes: Nov, Ama, Sr Ama, Int, Sr Exp, Exp\Mas
- Not sure which class to ride - check out this handy guide
NEOTT 2018 Schedule - Must attend 7 out of 11 for year-end awards
1. Jan 21
2. Feb 18
3. Mar 18
4. Apr 15
5. May 20
6. Jul 21 (Sat Nite)
7. Sep 9
8\9. Sep 29 & 30
10. Nov 18
11. Dec 16
Trials Master
Kight \ Phillips

Other Events of Interest

NEOTT - Info about the trials riding experience

Here Heather N Wilson, an AMA staff member, has a great write up of her experience trying trials.

Check out some training tutorials from the Trials Training Center here.  Also consider taking a class at the Trials Training Center (TTC) or go to Trials Training Days.

Here is a nice 5 minute intro to Trials Video done by Alan Shirley during his visit to Australia.

Here  are some fun trials training videos from the guys down under to help you.   A good place to start is how to balance on a trials bike.   Humor: The Evolution of Trials Riders

Or go retro and learn old school with Mick Andrews

Maybe you are a dirt bike guy or gal thinking about trials ... check this DirtRider article out.

Youtube video - Guy "Airtime" Cooper on trials.

Cody Webb on how riding trials helped him for Enduro-Cross.

Also here is a Dirt Rider video of some Moto-X guys learning to ride trials bikes from 10-time National Champ and GasGas rep Geoff Aaron.

Seven good reasons you should own a trials bike.