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FIM World Round

July 29-30 : Kingman, AZ.  Fly into Vegas, rent a car, 90 minute drive to Kingman.  Details are here.

Next Event: Sun Sep 10, 2017

Peru, KS with AVTA club

Suspender Nationals Sunday team photo.  Jimmy, David and Charlie came out with a collection of Bultaco's, including Larry's.  It was a little wet and slick after 3 inches of rain but it was great practice for finding traction.

Seven good reasons you should own a trials bike.

What class should you ride (humor)?

Youtube video - Guy "Airtime" Cooper on trials.

2017 Schedule - must attend 7 out of 11 to qualify for year-end awards

1. Feb 19th @Grand Lake, OK

2. Mar 19th @Grand Lake, OK (gate trial)

3\4. May 20\21 @Byrds Adv Center, AR

5. Jun 4 @Gruber ORV

6. Sep 10 @Peru, KS (AVTA hosted)

7\8. Sep 30\Oct 1 @Peru, KS (AVTA hosted)

9\10.  Oct 14\15 @Fry Lake, OK Sooner Cup (TACO hosted)

11. Nov 5 @Wildcat Ranch, AR

Other Events of Interest

  • Jun 3 & 4 : CRTC MITA - Jonesburg, MO, flyer
  • July 29 & 30 : FIM World Round - CAT - Kingman, AZ (7,000' altitude)
  • Aug 19 & 20 : UTE Cup - RMTA - Del Norte, CO
  • Sep 16 & 17 : CRTC MATT Quarry Cup - Trenton, MO
  • Sep 30 & Oct 1 :  CRTC AVTA - Sedan, KS
  • Oct 14 & 15 : CRTC TACO - Fry Lake, OK
  • Oct 28 & 29 : CRTC NTTA - Muenster, TX
  • Jan 1, 2018 : Almosta Race

NEOTT - Pics from Grand Lake Feb 2017

NEOTT - 2017 News

2017 Club Officers:

- Kevin Kight, President\Treasurer

- Josh Evans, Vice President

- Eldon Malone, Co-Treasurer

- Pat Gwin, Secretary

- Chris Shellenberger, Officer at Large

Non-voting roles:

- Equipment Manager(s), Todd D, Todd P and Chris S

- Membership Coordinator, Todd Phillips

Quick Notes from the club meeting - all the details are here

- Members must make 7 of 11 to qualify for year-end awards

- Members entry fees $20\event or buy a season pass at $15\event

- Non-member entry is $25 

- Club will return to riding on property that only requires a waiver to ride.

- No JITT format in 2017

- Two, count 'em, Two Gate Trials this year.

- Club agreed to contribute $100 to RiderDown.org

- Tether switches will be required in 2017. 

NEOTT - Video Training Series - Learn to Ride

Cody Webb on how riding trials helped him for Enduro-Cross.

Here  are some fun trials training videos from the guys down under to help you get ready for the second half of the season.   A good place to start is how to balance on a trials bike.   Humor: The Evolution of Trials Riders

Here is a nice 5 minute intro to Trials Video done by Alan Shirley during his visit to Australia.

Or go retro and learn old school with Mick Andrews
Jon Stoodley's "Letter from America" on Trials Guru

Maybe you are a dirt bike guy or gal thinking about trials ... check this DirtRider article out.

Also here is a Dirt Rider video of some Moto-X guys learning to ride trials bikes from 10-time National Champ and GasGas rep Geoff Aaron.